SECDEF Speaks His Mind

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U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates spoke at West Point Military Academy on 25 February.  His comments were unusually candid considering his audience consisted almost exclusively of budding Army officers preparing to head downrange, into harm’s way.

Most Americans may not tend to seek out this guy’s thoughts.  He’s incredibly influential, yet seems to work under the surface from the point of view of the general public. Because he’s a nice guy, he doesn’t get the same level of press coverage as his hawkish predecessor.

As Mr. Gates nears the end of his time as SECDEF, he seems to be more willing to share his personal views on the events of the past few years, as well as his predictions for what is to come for the U.S. Military in this speech, particularly the Army.

As a veteran Army officer nearing the end of my own military career, I find this rather fascinating. I’m also damned happy I don’t work in D.C.

Link to SECDEF Speech


2 responses to “SECDEF Speaks His Mind

  1. I’ve been pretty impressed with Gates so far. My husband does work in D.C. Never a dull moment, and still waiting to hear on how a government shut down might affect us…

    BTW, glad you’re okay after the bike spill!

    • Thanks, Gwen. I’ve grown back almost all the skin I lost. I wish you the best with the possible shut down. It’s a good time to have the job security of the military, though I’m longing to move on to something more stable for the family.

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