MIDWAY, Chapter One

The first chapter of my novel-in-progress is up on Critters.org today. I hope to get some useful feedback on it. I plan to throw a chapter a week against the wall at Critters and see what sticks. If you’re a member, please give it a read. It’s titled “Midway” in the manuscript queue because I’ll be damned if I can think of a title at this early stage. The title doesn’t matter much until the novel is finished anyway, right? If you’re not a member of Critters.org, I recommend it regardless of your level of skill or accomplishment as an indispensable source of honest feedback. It costs no money, but you are required to crit someone’s work at least once per week. The quality of the work varies quite a bit, but I’ve come across a few stories I loved and will be looking for on the bookstore shelves soon.
I’m pretty excited about the budding novel. It has been percolating in my mind and in my notebook since 2008, and I know the characters like friends (and enemies). I can’t wait to unleash them in the world I’ve created.


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