Grits for Polenta

Lots going on. We just moved from Italy, where we’ve been living for two years, to South Carolina. Culture Shock? Yeah, a bit. There is a lot to miss about Italy, but it’s great to be home in the USA.
It’s Fathers’ Day. Wife and kids are at the pool, and I’m alone in the hotel room enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. Much to be thankful for.
Reflecting on life. Just got a call from my mother, whose car engine is running, waiting for the word to come and visit. Life is good and full of love.
I’m entering the last assignment of my military career, the last time I’ll risk my life in dry, dusty climes. Reflection on the last two decades is called for. Damn, life is interesting.
Married to the same beautiful woman since 1994. We fill one another’s empty spaces, cover one another’s eccentricities, forgive one another’s weaknesses and encourage one another’s strengths. Damn, life is good.
Two sons, both strong and healthy. Thank God, who forgives and/or ignores so much, for so much undeserved riches of the heart.
One phase of life ends. Another begins. Grits for polenta.
Once again, I’ll do my best to build Heaven and call it Home for two years or so.


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